WAIS Policy for fund raisers

* Each student is required to participate in fund raising and/or do a buy out  The students will earn the percent that the PTA earns for fundraiser.  
Percentages can be found listed above with the scheduled fund raisers info. 
If you have any questions about how much you owe, please feel free to contact our Liason Volunteers:
Fifth grade:          Allison Palinkas        fifth@mywaispta.com
Sixth grade:         Cathy Mueller            sixth@mywaispta.com
Seventh grade:    Christa Sagrestano   seventh@mywaispta.com 
Eighth grade:       Jennifer Shunk          eighth@mywaispta.com 
* The money each student earns is valid ONLY for that student for THAT year. No refunds will be given, no money will be transferred or held for any other student or school year. 

* The entire amount needs to be raised/earned by March 1 or the student will NOT be going on the field trip.

* Money for the buy out may be sent in over several months in order to accommodate your budget. Every amount sent in will be recorded over the seven months. You may chose to send in $5 a month and then pay the balance. Whatever works for you and your family.

* We do not encourage door to door selling

* We ask that ONE check or money order per fund raiser be given

* You are responsible for any and all bounced check fees

* Any items purchased with a bounced check will be held until the fees are paid in CASH or money order

* The PTA reserves the right to require payment in the form of money order and/or cash if bounced checks become a problem
* Make sure your student's name is on ALL fund raising and checks. Please make sure homeroom teachers are listed as well as YOUR CURRENT phone number.

* Any orders that are not picked up during the set fund raiser pick up will be at the office waiting for you.

* (except for coupon books AND food vouchers) Students are NOT allowed to bring fund raisers home. Dates and times will be provided for you to pick up anything you bought. Most of the time the pick up is from after school until about 7 pm. If nobody can make a pick up during those hours, please call and we will arrange something. 

The amounts are set based upon what the teachers have planned. The total cost is then divided evenly among the students. 

* Please note- the buyout only covers the class trips.  The PTA also provides the DARE program, assemblies,  end of the year activities and other things that make your child's school year the best that it can be.  Anything over the buyout amount raised will go to the general fund in order so we can continue to provide these things for your children. Please consider participating in fund raising even after your buyout amount has been reached. Thank you!