The Wilson Area Intermediate PTA Welcomes You!

This website is designed to help connect the parents, teachers, staff and students of WAIS to the PTA.

The Intermediate school is set up a little differently than the elementary schools are. The goal at WAIS is to help get the students ready for high school. This includes encouraging them to be more independent and even to run some of the activities themselves via groups under the direction of a teacher adviser.

The PTA is not as "hands on" as you might remember
the PTA being at the elementary schools. Even so, the PTA is a very important aspect of your student's overall experience at WAIS.

The four years that the students spend at WAIS are full of incredible changes. They come in as children and leave as teenagers. They each grow in so many ways, it is amazing! Unfortunately, as they grow, they also seem to lose the importance of bringing papers home. By eighth grade, we are lucky if the papers make it to their backpacks! Even then, they will often get lost in lockers, on the bus or walk home, or shoved in the bottom of backpacks until the last day of school. Unfortunately, this can also happen when the kids are supposed to bring things BACK to school.

The PTA is trying everything we can to get as much information to the parents as possible. Please check this page often, like us on Facebook and sign up to receive email notifications.

Finally, talk to your students about bringing papers home....they will probably still get lost, but hey, we tried right?
Meetings : All of our meetings start at 6 pm in the school library. Please use the Athletic door located in the back of the school. The dates for this year are: 9/6, 10/11, 11/8(in lobby), 12/13. 1/10, 2/14, 3/14, 4/11 and 5/23.
Please sign up to be on our text message list. We will only send out a few texts a year. Thank you!
 BUYOUTS are due March 1. Please read more about it on the Buyout section of the menu.