WAIS PTA holds 2 book fairs a year!
The fall book fair is in September and helps with the general fund.
 The spring book fair runs in May and is Buy One, Get One FREE! 
Questions?  Please contact Becka: bookfair@mywaispta.com
Please click here to sign up to help out at the book fair. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0445afa6229-wais
If you would like to help Wednesday during the open house, please contact Becka.  You do NOT need clearances to help Wednesday night. 
This is the schedule for the FALL  book fair: 








7:55 Pickering

7:55 Hertzog

7:55 Williams

7:55 Pickering, Sneeringer, Housel

8:15 Sneeringer

8:15 Fox

8:15 Tereska

8:17 Mertz,Reider,Burden

8:35 Housel

8:35 Schneck

8:35 Partridge

8:42 Wolfe,Hertzog,Solomon

8:55 Mertz

8:55 N.Fenton

9:24  - 7th Gr. (M,N,O)

9:02 Spengler,N.Fenton, Williams

9:15 Reider

9:24 -  7th Gr. (A,B,C)

9:45 – 7th Gr. (P,Q,R)

9:26 Tereska,Partridge

9:35 Wolfe

9:45 -  7th Gr. (D,E,F)

10:08 – 7th Gr. (S,T,U)

10:08  7th Grade

9:55 Burden

10:08 – 7th Gr. (G,H,I)

10:30 – 7th Gr. (V,W,X,Y,Z)

10:53 – 8th Grade

10:15 Steger

10:30 – 7th Gr. (J,K,L)

10:53  Fuehrer

10:53  T.Fenton

11:03 Merida

11:03 Seiple

11:13 Ulrich

11:13 Kesselring

11:23 Zane

11:23 Snyder


Book Fair Dates: May 15-18

Special Family Event: May 16th Wais Art Show and Evening Book Fair 6-8 pm


We now offer a convenient new payment option for students – eWallet!

See the attached flyer for details, or go to www.scholastic.com/bf/wais

Please note that there is a 6% sales tax added to each sale.

Checks should be made payable to WAIS PTA.

For the in-school portion of the book fair, please refer to the list below to see what day your child will be shopping. We accept all methods of payment.

If you have any questions or have your clearances on file with the district and would like to volunteer at the fair, please contact Becka Bossons at bookfair@mywaispta.com.