WAIS PTA holds 2 book fairs a year!
The fall fund raiser runs from September 13-September 16. Students will be able to shop during the day with their class. The schedule will be posted soon. Parents will be able to shop during the open house on September 13.
The spring fund raiser runs in May and is Buy One, Get One FREE! 
Questions? Please contact Aimee Lamaute aimeelamaute@gmail.com 610-393-1720 or Heather Fredericks  heather.fredericks@gmail.com 484-515-0843
 http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4eafad28a64-wais Plesae click here to sign up to help out at the book fair. 
 If you would like to help Wednesay during the open house, please contact Aimee or Heather. You do NOT need clearances to help Wednesday night. 
This is the schedule for the fall book fair: 
Tuesday:                      Wednesday:                                 Thursday:                        Friday: Make Up Day
7:55 Pickering               Hertzog                                         P. Williams   
8:15 Sneeringer             Fox                                               Tereska
8:35 Mertz                    Schneck                                         Partridge
8:55 Housel                  N. Fenton
9:15 Reider                  9:24 7th graders last names A-c       7th graders M-O
9:35 Wolfe                   9:45 7th graders last names D-F       7th graders P-R
9:55 Burden                 10:08 7th graders last names G-I      7th graders S-U
                                  10:30 7th graders last names J-L      7th graders V-Z
                                  10:53 T Fenton                                Fuehrer
                                  11:03 Seiple                                    Onorata
                                  11:13 Kesserlring                              Zane 
                                  11:23 Merida