What the buyout covers: Each buyout ONLY covers the trips. The money you send in for the trip does not help pay for DARE, assemblies or anything else the PTA supplies.
Trips are school days: Just a reminder, if your child does not meet their buyout, they will NOT be able to attend the trip but are expected to be in school.  
When is money due:  All buyouts are due on March 1. The reason for this is that we have to send non refundable deposits in for the trips and buses. As of right now, we do not have many students who have fundraised in full/sent in a complete buyout. If you DO NOT plan on participating with fundraisers, PLEASE send your buyout in as soon as you can. 
Amount due:  All students will receive a Buyout Letter in September.  This letter will include the Field Trip Buyout Fee.  Reminders will be sent home in January regarding balances due by March 1st.  
Questions: If have questions regarding your child's buyout, please contact your child's liaison via email.  Our Liason Volunteers are as follows:
Allyson Palinkas            Fifth@mywaispta.com
Cathy Mueller             sixth@mywaispta.com
Christa Sagrestano     seventh@mywaispta.com 
Jennifer Shunk             eighth@mywaispta.com